But I am a good person!

Often people think that they are not that bad, not even with all their sins. And they say "I'm a good person, aren't I?".


That is undoubtedly the case. And I’m happy for you! Unfortunately, you can't say that about everyone, not even every Christian.


You will, on the other hand, agree with me that "good" is subjective. Something good that you used to do,  doesn't have to be like that anymore. And what one person thinks is good or beautiful, others may not like.

You can consider 'good' from different angles:

  1. Compared to bad(or worse) people.
  2. Compared to the 'average' person.
  3. From the point of view of a holy God.


I’d like to believe that you are an (extraordinarily) good person compared to 1 and 2.


However, it is fair to say that distance often adds perspective. This certainly applies to the distance between God and us; then, literally and figuratively, things suddenly look very different. From His point of view, it is not important how many sins we have committed, but that we are sinful people. This applies to everyone; also – and perhaps sometimes even more – for Christians.


Being a Christian does not mean that you are better than other people. On the contrary! It means that you have recognized that you are sinful and needed God to forgive and forget those sins. This is literally possible for everyone! Free and for nothing! By believing that Jesus paid for your sins and that they no longer exist for God. Ask Him if He wants to show you this too; after all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!