Different strokes for different folks?

You have your opinion; I have mine. And that's just fine!


Does it really work like that with God? And what if that's not the case? Where does that leave you?


Such a statement, in my opinion, is rather risky! Like: everyone can decide for himself what his future looks like after this life. For one person death is indeed plain dead, for another there is a big empty thing. Yet another expects that there will be plenty of games, drinking (preferably alcohol) and fun for everyone. How that is possible and what that would look like, who cares!


But suppose it is indeed one or the other: there is no god and not even an eternity or there is a God who rules and asks whether we have believed in Him and then makes a split between believers and unbelievers .


If you are right and there is indeed nothing or something for everyone, then as a believer I have nothing to lose; as a convinced believer, I have had a beautiful life here, just like the unbelievers, and we have the same future together. So, as a believer in God, I have nothing to lose. For even if there was no heaven and no hell, I would still choose to love God, to live with Him and to serve Him!


But suppose that there is a God who asks for accountability, and only wants His children with Him. Who sends the unbelievers to an eternity without Him? After all, that is His right as God. Then as an unbeliever you have everything to lose!


Are you really so short-sighted that for those relatively few years of 'pleasure', which you cannot even say of most people that they at least have that, you have an eternity of emptiness, misery and probably even suffering left. So you choose to suffer eternally, just because you 'can't' do anything with the suffering in this life? Isn't that crooked? And stupid!