What about people who have never heard of Jesus?

Many people say they have difficulty with the exclusivity of the Christian faith — or of any faith for that matter. And say that they don't want to believe in a God who would hold billions of people, who have never heard of Him, responsible for not believing in Him, and send them to hell.


This feeling is very understandable; but is it also correct? Is it a genuine obstacle to believe and are you really looking for an answer, or is it just a false objection and excuse for you not to believe yourself?

My experience is that if I ask whether, if I could answer this question satisfactorily, people would believe in God, many other objections arise. Or rather: yes, it is a difficult subject, but no reason not to believe in Him yourself.

It is very beautiful when you are so concerned about the fate of so many strangers. But that is no reason to distance yourself from this and that. In the rich west, we are among the 5% richest people in the world; but that's probably no reason for you to settle for less salary, food, health care, etc. So your "outrage" is at least very selective; or indeed a false objection. Please remember that none of this will absolve you of the call that God has indeed addressed to your heart! You are well informed and can know of His existence and invitation to faith. The choice not to believe is therefore your own, conscious choice. You can't say 'later' "I didn't think it was fair to others, so I didn't accept your invitation. But I do think that I am nevertheless entitled to a place (with You) in heaven!"

And does, whether the Gospel is true, depend on the answer? I do not think so. If God really exists and has revealed Himself to us in various and multiple ways, and Jesus is indeed the only way to God, then the question may occupy and puzzle us, but that does not make the Christian message any less true. 

The world existed long before Jesus was born. Even then, people came to believe in God. The Bible says that all who sincerely seek God will find Him. God will then actually make Himself known. First of all, by God's omnipotence that is visible in nature and the complexity of all creation. Also, every human is born with a sense of God, including His moral values.

God can reach every human being, anywhere and anytime, with and through his Spirit; through His creation, through our conscience or, as has happened so many times, through dreams, visions, etc. And also via all the electronic and mainstream media that can be received in almost all corners of the world today.

God is eternal, holy, unchanging and, in His Son Jesus Christ, love. Because of this, by definition, God will always do the right thing and be righteous. He simply cannot do otherwise, because this goes against what and who He is.

Is it really true that those who have never heard the Gospel are totally ignorant of God's existence? They too know that there is a higher power and that they have not adhered to all moral standards. By the way, a person is not lost because he does not know God, but because of someone's sins. In Jesus, God has given an opportunity for the forgiveness of our sins - free of charge.

We also know that God will act justly and fairly with everyone. He can't do anything else. And doesn't want anything else. After all, He himself has created a way through which one can get to know Him. Is that road sometimes too limited? Then, like us humans, He would be too short-sighted or limited—and thus not God. On the contrary, God's way is open to all who seek Him and accept that way. That is why the most important question – which Jesus himself also asked – is: "Who do you say that I am".

Who will all ultimately be acquitted by God and spend eternity with and with Him? No one knows that but God alone. But He did give a clear point of judgment: forgiveness of sins through faith in the work of and satisfaction of Jesus alone.

If Jesus were not the only way to God, He would have lived and died for nothing. That would certainly be unjust of God the Father!

Jesus himself said that whoever is not against Him is with Him. He also said that many of the latter will be the first. So God himself has a very different way of judging us than we can even imagine. This is not our business. Nor is He accountable to any man. But, as already mentioned, your possibly justified question or even objection is not a valid excuse for not believing yourself!

You too have the opportunity to seek Him and believe in Him. For you, too, the promise applies that He will forgive you all your sins if you believe in Jesus and ask Him to bear your sins as well. How God will judge those who have not literally heard of Him, I do not know. But that He will condemn those who have heard of Him and have rejected Him or His way to salvation, is certain. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer! Turn to Him and sincerely pray that He will also renew your life in Him. He can and will and will do that. He owes that to Himself too!