14. When God Seems Distant


It is easy to worship God when things are going great in your life. But they aren’t. The deepest level of worship is praising God in spite of pain, thanking God during a trial, trusting him when tempted, surrendering while suffering, and loving him when he seems distant.

God will test your friendship with periods of seeming separation; times when it feels as if he has abandoned or forgotten you. This is a normal part of the testing and maturing of your friendship with God. Of course, God doesn't really leave you. He has promised repeatedly, "I will never leave you nor forsake you”. It is a test of faith.

Don’t seek an experience rather than God. Don’t look for a feeling, and if it happens, conclude that you have worshiped. God is more concerned that you trust him than that you feel him. Faith, not feelings, pleases God.

Tell God exactly how you feel.
Pour out your heart to God. God can handle your doubt, anger, fear, grief, confusion, and questions. 

Focus on who God is and His unchanging nature.
Regardless of circumstances and how you feel, hang on to God's unchanging character: He is good, he loves you, he is with you, he knows what you’re going through and He cares. Even if your life seems to be falling apart, you can still praise God for the fact that He is good, loving, all-powerful, is in control and has a plan for your life.

Trust God to keep his promises.
During times of spiritual dryness you must patiently rely on the promises of God, not your emotions. Don't be troubled by trouble. Circumstances cannot change the character of God.  


Remember what God has already done for you.

If God never did anything else for you, he would still deserve your continual praise for the rest of your life because of what Jesus did for you on the cross. God's Son died for you! This is the greatest reason for worship. Jesus gave up everything so you could have everything. That alone is worthy of your continual thanks and praise.


Question to Consider:       
How can I stay focused on God's presence, especially when he feels distant?

Verse to Remember: 

For God has said, "I will never leave you; I will never abandon you".

Hebrews 13:5