40. Living with Purpose


Living on purpose is the only way to really live. Everything else is just existing.

Once you know what God wants you to do, the blessing comes in actually doing it. This probably means you will have to stop doing some other things. You should develop a purpose statement for your life and then review it regularly.

Don't try to complete it in a single setting, and don't aim for perfection in your first draft; just write down your thoughts as fast as they come to you.

Here are five questions you should consider as you prepare your statement:


  1. What will be the center of my life?
    Who are you going to live for? Whatever is at the center of your life is your god. When God's at the center, you worship. When he's not, you worry. Worry is the warning light that God has been shoved to the sideline.

  2. What will be the character of my life?
    What kind of person will you be? God is far more interested in what you are than what you do. Remember, you will take your character into eternity, but not your career. It takes a lifetime to build Christ-like character.

  3. What will be the contribution of my life?
    What will be your ministry in the Body of Christ? How can you make a difference?

  4. What will be the communication of my life?
    It should include your commitment to share your testimony with others. As you grow in Christ, God may give you a special target group of people to focus on reaching.

  5. What will be the community of my life?
    How will you demonstrate your commitment to other believers and connect to them?


It may take months to craft your life purpose statement just the way you want it. Pray, think about it, talk with close friends, and reflect on Scripture.

Don’t develop your life purpose statement based on what you would like other people to say about you. At the end of your life, it isn't going to matter at all what other people say about you. The only thing that will matter is what God says about you.


Question to Consider:
When will I take the time to write down my answers to life's five great questions? When will I put my purpose on paper?


Verse to Remember:
For David ... served the purpose of God in his own generation.

Acts 13:36