Finding God

All people have one thing in common: they want to be happy.


The problem, however, is that we humans often expect happiness from things that cause us a lot of harm at the same time.


This also applies to many spiritual matters. People are looking for 'something' that makes their lives beautiful and gives them meaning. But at the same time, they do not want to be limited by it. One seeks advantage, without disadvantage or limitations.

They sometimes believe in (one) god - or several gods - but then in a god who makes no demands or is even inside  themselves. However, a god who allows himself to be dictated by conditions by someone is by definition not a god. Whereas, if there were multiple gods, this would eventually lead to a power relationship and struggle between them. God does not have to prove Himself to anyone, precisely because He is God - and the creator of heaven and earth.

The key questions are:

  • Why are you looking for a god? Just to receive?
  • Why do you think you know better than God what is good for you?
  • Why not choose God? And isn't that a false objection? (If that objection was met or answered, would you then believe in Him?)


You and your need are much deeper than just temporary needs. Jesus is therefore not concerned with providing only for your daily needs, but with offering something with eternal value. God is more than just an option in your pyramid of temporary needs; that can never meet the need of your soul. Only Jesus can do that. Through Him, we can live forever. By this He means not only an infinite life, but above all its quality.

Many people do not find this difficult to understand, but rather unacceptable. The sad thing, therefore, is that people live without God and Jesus not because they have never heard of it, but because they do not want to believe in Him.

'Sin' also seems to be an insurmountable stumbling block for many. While it is precisely this fact, that we have sinned against God - consciously or unconsciously - that needs forgiveness. And what Jesus came for: to wash it away for you and clear the way to God.

One God and only one way to salvation: according to many, that is too limited and too pretentious. That excludes too many 'others', as if that is a valid excuse to refuse the gift yourself. If you win the lottery, don't say 'no' because you think it's pathetic for those who didn't win. Come on: stop your false objection. You  just don't want to believe in Him.

After all, accepting God's gifts under His terms means acknowledging your own inability and recognizing your vulnerability and dependence. That is contrary to our human ego and our sense of independence, dignity and justice.

People who have taken this step in faith have a feeling of finally 'coming home', finally being how and what we belong to and were created for. A "But God, where else would we go; after all, with You is eternal life!"

You are, of course, completely free not to choose a life with and for God in Jesus. But keep in mind that you get what you ask for: a life and eternity without Him. Without a second chance. That's your right. But never blame God for that! After all, salvation has also been offered to you, but you did not want it.

You may come to Jesus as you are. If you expect reconciliation with God through Him, you will get it! For free. Close your eyes, and go to Him in prayer. You can do that 24/7, wherever you are. You don't have to understand everything about Him; you will understand and want to see and experience more and more of it over time. His Spirit will guide and teach you in this. What are you watiting for? Do it now!

I can imagine that you don't immediately know what or how to pray. Perhaps the example below will help with that. A prayer does not have to be perfect; After all, God knows you better than you know yourself. He made you himself and he is waiting for you to come to Him .

Lord Jesus Christ,

I know that I sin against You, consciously and unconsciously, in thoughts, words, and actions. And that there are good things I haven't done.

Please forgive me. I regret my sins. Convert me from everything I know is wrong.

You gave your life for me on the cross. Gratefully, I give my life back to you.

I ask you: do you want to come into my life. Come in as Savior to save me. Come in as Lord to guide me. Come in as God and Father to be with me. And teach me, out of gratitude, to live more and more according to your will.

Thank you for hearing and answering me. Amen.