Thank God in all things

The Bible teaches, "Thank God in all things. For this is God's will for you." Isn't that weird and unnatural?


Yet this is something God wants as part of our education in faith. To teach us to trust Him, He wants to use all our circumstances and let them work together for the good of us or of people around us.


If we manage to see every event in our lives from a greater perspective, we can find something to give thanks for in every situation in life; for example, for what we had, that we have been spared or that something else has been prevented by that event.


An important part of our faith education is that we 'sanctify' our lives, that is, to focus more and more on God in order to (learn to) live with God and for God. God promises us His grace for this, and assures us in the Bible that "His grace is sufficient for life and death."


When we are in Christ, things will not just happen to us, but they will also serve our wellbeing. That certainty makes it possible for us to also be grateful under painful or sad circumstances. And in doing so, it offers us a different perspective, from victim to beloved children of God, who can count on His help, love and assistance.


Difficulties may still be real and hard, but they no longer have the last word, even if you do not experience it in the moment. Everything you experience is then inferior to that reality. Then you will experience how God's Spirit works a gratitude in you that is beyond reason. Or, as the Bible says, "Call on me in times of need, and I will save you; and you shall honor me" (Psalm 50:15).


Therefore, after a rescue by God, do not just live on as if nothing had happened or as if you were entitled to it. But focus your heart and life more and more on Him out of gratitude. After all, God is not primarily concerned with our well-being, but with His honor. He is entitled to that, and saving faith in God brings about gratitude that leads to worship of God in Jesus Christ.


After all, saving faith in the Bible is the firm confidence that Jesus is not only a savior, but my savior! Do we dare to trust Him in this? Or are we just looking for daily blessings that help us achieve our plans and goals? Believe and be saved!