Why should I pray?

Prayer is the direct connection with God. Through prayer, God offers a line of communication with Him that is always open, day and night. Through prayer, you can ask God for advice, help and guidance anytime and anywhere.


Praying is talking to Jesus about anything and everything; it doesn't matter where and when. Praying is for a Christian what breathing is for the human body. Through prayer, our faith grows and develops.


But God already knows everything, doesn't he?

Why pray when God already knows everything? Because through prayer you deepen your relationship with God. Praying is more than just asking for something. To pray is to be with Him, to share time and things with God.


God is all-powerful. He knows everything. He has everything under control. As your Heavenly Father, He loves and cares for you intensely. Just as a human father likes to hear from his children, so our Heavenly Father also likes to hear what keeps us busy: our expectations, our joys, our fears, and our worries.


When Jesus was on earth, He prayed to His Father. If He felt it necessary to pray, how much more so did his followers?


Jesus taught us to pray and promised to answer every prayer. However, sometimes his answer is "no," because he knows it's best for us. Wise parents also don't give their children everything they ask for. And sometimes the answer is 'wait', because the time is not yet ripe. But sometimes the answer is also a clear 'yes'.


How should you pray?

  • Think about who you're praying to. Rejoice to be in God's presence.


  • We always come to God as people in need of forgiveness. Ask Him to show you your sins and shortcomings. Ask Him for forgiveness and help you overcome these things in the future.


  • Thank God for all that you can thank Him for: forgiveness of sins, His love for you, the Lord Jesus, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, your family, your health, your talents, Christian friends, answering previous prayers, your daily food, etc.


  • Pray for others. Use a notebook and make a list of people you want to pray for: your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, political leaders, or anyone else. Pray for some of them every day. But also pray if you hear something from or about someone or if you read the newspaper, watch television, etc. Pray specifically, not in general vague terms; use your imagination.


  • Pray for yourself. Pray for every aspect of your life, such as the day ahead, any worries or problems, obligations, God's will for your life; you name it. Use plain language, as you would talk to a friend. But remember that you are in the presence of none other than God himself.


  • Pray together with others. By praying with others, you develop a closer relationship with other members of God's family. Jesus gave a special promise for coming together with others and praying: "Where two or more persons gather in my name, there I myself will be present."